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microb-man? Really? …

Ok! Let’s say I’ll bite! What kind of lame “super-powers” would you have, if you were a microb-man?

Well, for starters it doesn’t sound like a great name for a super-hero! Maybe it’s as geeky as it can get! But imagine for a second that you are in the middle of a biochemichal warfare and they’re throwing all kinds of chemicals at you and you can ignore all about that and go on munching on the nutrients you need and keep building your colourful colonies undistracted! It’s called antibiotic resistance and …yes! You guessed it right: if you are a microbe you could be “blessed” with that ability.

Or perhaps let’s say you are curious to find out what’s going on inside an oven… when it’s working! You wouldn’t be smart to stick your head inside the burning oven, but hey… if you could be a thermophilic bacterium, you could withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius (380 Fahrenheit) and enjoy your life!

More of these will be coming to you by me, as well as other stuff I enjoy reading and writing about (mostly medicine, biology, anthropology, languages, fatherhood etc.). Even if you are still not convinced it’s a great name for a super-hero, perhaps consider a super-villain named superbug, who can infect humans, resist all kind of treatment, spread in epidemic waves and cause …(fill in the blank with words such as Black Death, plague, Ebola, pandemic influenza and so on).

Foes or allie, the bugs are there waiting to be explored!

(English is not my mother tongue, so I’ll be probably blogging bilingually)